Mille Lacs Fishing Launch & Walk-On Rates (May – thru Labor Day)

Garrison Sports and the has two fishing launches: One 36 foot steel hull boat and one 65 foot steel pontoon boat.

Private Parties

The 36 foot steel hull boat can handle private parties up to 20. The 65 foot Pontoon boat can handle up to 40

Walk Ons

While private parties are very popular, the "walk on" business is the most used launch service available. Family groups on vacation often make a trip fishing an important part of their vacation plans. The launches run three trips a day, 7 days a week, from opening weekend (early may) thru Labor Day. Reservations are encouraged but are not required. You need to bring your warm clothes and a cooler of what you want to eat and drink.

Fishing Launch Rates - Rod, reel and bait included in all rates

Walk On - Per Person - $38.00


4hr. charter (private party), 11-20 people $570.00
4hr. charter (private party) under 10 people $450.00
4hr. charter (private party) up to 40 people $900.00

• Opening weekend, night charters only
36 ft. hull boat (20 person private party) $700.00
65 ft. pontoon (40 person private party) $1400.00

Call for Reservations or for any questions 320-692-4477
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