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Garrison Sports is located on the northwest corner of Mille Lacs Lake, Right Downtown Garrison, Minnesota. We Are 100 Miles North of the Minneapolis-St Paul Area.

Mille Lacs Walleye Fishing and more...

Mille Lacs Lake is 132,000 acres or slightly more than 200 square miles. Mille Lacs is a shallow lake with a few places just over 40 feet deep. Fishing structures abound, mud flats (flat topped hills of muck averaging 22-25 feet on the tops) dot the center of the lake and rock reefs, gravel bars, rock points and sandy shorelines make up 1000's of miles of great fishing. millelacsfishing

Although the Walleye is ranked the number one game fish in Mille Lacs, The Yellow Perch, Northerns, Muskies, Eelpout (Burbot), Smallmouth Bass, Bullheads, and Carp round out the list of popular game fish. Bow fishing for Carp is very popular in the clear, shallow waters of Mille Lacs Lake.

Garrison Sports is a Bait and Tackle shop is dedicated to Mille Lacs Walleye fishing. We have what it takes to catch Walleyes on Lake Mille Lacs. We are happy to announce that Wayne Schmaltz has purchased Garrison Sports and will continue operating the business. The Bait and Tackle shop was established on this site back in the late 1940's. Kari Hough and Bob Weston bought the business in the spring of 1975, and it has been Garrison Sports ever since. Noted guide Greg Erickson joined the staff of Garrison Sports In 1982 and has been running the fishing launches and the rental fishing house's on a full time basis ever since then.

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